Stacey Clifton

Team Name: Star Achievers
Started in Tupperware: 11/1989
Academic Level Achieved: (high school, college degree, certification, etc): College

3 Things I love about my Tupperware business:

1. Flexibility
2. Free Cars/Trips

Trips, Awards earned: Hawaii 4 times, 5 cruises, Baha, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta,
New York City, Las Vegas, and can't remember all of them!

Favorite Quote: Build the people, and the people will build the business. Brownie Wise

I started in Tupperware just to have money to blow on the weekends and to be able to pick my son up from school when he got out, instead of him having to go in afterschool care. I couldn't believe how much money I was making because I was having so much fun! I'm still in 25 years later
because I can't even imagine working for someone else having to punch a clock. And, now that I have a grandbaby, its great being able to work from home and keep her so she doesn't have to go to daycare! The free trips and cars have been amazing and I wouldn't have been on all these trips had it not been for Tupperware!

Hooray Sales
770 Tyvola Rd.
Charlotte NC 28217
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